Prostate 3-D Model

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Accurate and lifelike, this model depicts six conditions of the prostate. An ideal resource for patient and student education, the tactile model can be used for discussion about enlarged prostates and prostate cancer.

This Lifelike, 3-D Model Depicts 6 Prostate Conditions. An Ideal Resource For Patient & Student Education To Discuss Enlarged Prostates Or Prostate Cancer.

With a realistic look and feel, this model accurately shows multiple prostate conditions. Features six full-size prostates that depict a normal prostate; a normal-size prostate with hard nodule below surface of right lobe; prostate with enlarged right lobe; enlarged prostate with symmetrical surface and slight median furrow; enlarged prostate with hard nodule below right of base; and enlarged prostrate with hard, irregular surface and involvement of the seminal vesicle. A useful tool for discussions about enlarged prostates or prostate cancer. Includes key card and base. 8¾" x 6¼" x 1".