Alcohol Chart

ITEM: 70930


The harmful effects of alcohol abuse on the body are clearly and graphically explained in this large laminated (24" x 36") wall chart. From brain damage to heart failure, liver disease, and more, the chart makes a clear connection between abusing alcohol and physical damage. A great discussion starter for schools, health fairs, and alcohol awareness programs.

Highlighting alcohol abuse’s harmful effects on the body, this colorful chart is a great way to educate viewers on the dangers of abusing alcohol. Order now!

Follow alcohol abuse’s destructive path through the body with this eye-catching chart to reinforce the point that alcohol misuse can damage practically every organ. Uses graphic imagery to reveal some of the harmful effects of alcohol abuse, such as intestinal cancer, liver failure, impotence and infertility, and more. Perfect for student education. Laminated. 24" x 36".