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Face the Truth About Smoking

ITEM: 78056


Revealing that smoking is far from glamorous, this display (14" x 12") puts a face on how smoking damages a person’s insides. Features a lifelike model of a lung with cancer and emphysema blebs caused by tobacco use next to a frightening face model bearing the same signs of damage as the smoker’s lung. Models lie flat on a display backing that explains the realities of tobacco use. Great display to stop smoking before it starts or to promote smoking cessation.

This anti-smoking display puts a unique and chilling face on how smoking damages a person’s lungs with cancer and emphysema. Visit our site to learn more!

Let’s face it. If smoking affected a person’s appearance the same way it disfigures lung tissue, most people would never start smoking. This display cleverly makes that point with a lifelike replica of a lung damaged by tobacco use—its surface bristling with emphysema blebs and a large, cancerous mass. Next to it sits a model of a face that viewers will not soon forget— its inhuman appearance mirroring the ugliness of the smoke-damaged lung. Models can be lifted to reveal a message about smoking’s inner destruction. Display lies flat for viewing. 14" x 12".