Alcohol Education Kit

ITEM: 78620


Raise your group’s awareness of the dangers of alcohol misuse and abuse with these four great products:

  • Effects & Hazards of Alcohol Folding Display (Item #79012)
  • Drunk & Dangerous™ Glasses (Item #79190A)
  • Pickled Liver™ Model (Item #79723)
  • Alcohol Money (Item #79099)
Raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse with this kit of our popular alcohol education products. Order our dangers of alcohol abuse education kit now!

Give your audience a powerful, thought-provoking presentation about the dangerous effects of alcohol with this kit. Includes four sobering teaching components:

  • Effects & Hazards of Alcohol Folding Display (Item #79012), which describes short- and long-term consequences of alcohol abuse, including organ damage and effects on children
  • Drunk & Dangerous™ Glasses (Item #79190A), which alter vision, perception, and balance to provide a realistic simulation of intoxication
  • Pickled Liver™ Model (Item #79723), a BIOLIKE 2™ liver model that floats ominously in a specimen jar, emphasizing the effects of alcohol-induced cirrhosis
  • Alcohol Money (Item #79099), a set of 100 bills that serve as a reminder of the many personal and social costs of alcohol abuse.

A great way to present the physical, social, legal, financial, and personal costs of alcohol abuse.