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Substance Abuse Identification Kit

ITEM: 79254


A comprehensive resource, this 3-D display (29" x 20") identifies many dangerous drugs and lists short- and long-term effects of drug abuse. Features 3-D models behind a durable Plexiglas cover. The display covers a variety of drugs, including narcotics (opioid pain relievers) such as hydrocodone (Vicodin), depressants such as Xanax and Ativan, hallucinogens, stimulants, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and inhalants. Includes two stand-alone panels (12" x 17½" each) and an informative, reproducible handout. Perfect for raising awareness of the many drugs of abuse, what they look like, how they are taken, and their damaging effects.

This engaging, educational resource uses 3-D models to present the facts about a wide variety of abused substances, including opioid pain relievers. Order now!

Featuring 3-D models and drug facsimiles behind Plexiglas, this display is a great resource for comprehensive drug education. Covers the short- and long-term effects of eight categories of drugs, including narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, marijuana, inhalants, cocaine, and alcohol. Includes facsimiles of opioids, such as Vicodin, heroin, Percodan, and more; stimulates, such as Ritalin, Dexedrine, and methamphetamine; depressants, such as Xanax, Ativan, and Rohypnol; and hallucinogens, such as PCP and Ecstasy. Also includes models showing drug equipment, such as injecting equipment, crack pipes, and more. Stand-alone side panels cover medical hazards of substance abuse—including hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, birth defects, and many others—as well as psychological and social effects of substance abuse. Case is 29" x 20" opened. Stand-alone panels are 12" x 17½" each.